The Making of the Modern World

Most accounts of the modern world define it in relation to the processes of industrialization and democratization in Western Europe in the long nineteenth century. Such narratives fail to address the broader colonial and imperial contexts of these transformations. In this module, we look at the significance of colonial processes to the making of the modern world.

British Citizenship, Race, and Rights

This module examines the ways in which notions of Britishness and citizenship have been historically constructed since 1948. In particular, it aims to outline how Britain’s colonial history frames contemporary debates around citizenship, rights and race.

Colonial Global Economy

This module examines the ongoing significance of historical colonial relations to both the establishment and continued reproduction of global political economy.

Policing ‘Crime’ and ‘Violence’

This module will examine what policing does in modern Britain, who is policed and why, as well as what the implications of this are for anti-racist activists