British Black Power

British Citizenship, Race, and Rights - Lecture 2

Lecturer: Dr John Narayan, Kings College London

Oct. 1, 2020

This session examines how Britain possessed its own distinctive form of Black Power movement, which, whilst inspired and informed by its US counterpart, was rooted in anti-colonial politics, New Commonwealth immigration, and the onset of decolonisation. The session also explores how British Black Power offers valuable lessons about how the politics of anti-racism and anti-imperialism should be united in the 21st century.



Questions for discussion

  • Why did Black power find resonance in Britain? How did the expression of Black Power in Britain differ from its US counterpart?
  • How did British Black Power narrate racism in Britain as link to other anti-racist and anti-imperialist struggles around the world? What does this mean for how we conceive anti-racism?
  • To what extent is British Black Power’s idea of intercommunal anti-racist solidarity important today? What can we learn from this era?